Are You Interested in Eyelid Surgery?

Among the first facial areas that are prone to the effects of aging is around your eyes. Fortunately, saggy upper eyelids and puffy under-eye bags that naturally develop with aging could be treated with blepharoplasty, also referred to as blepharoplasty. Here at Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center in Columbia, MO.

Eyelid surgery can dramatically improve the look of droopy and tired eyes. This is done by surgically removing excess fat pockets and skin from the lower and/or upper eyelids. A lot of patients also opt to combine blepharoplasty with complimentary cosmetic eye treatments like dermal fillers or Botox to smoothen the appearance of crow’s feet or a brow lift to prevent further sagging of the eyebrows.

Can I Undergo Blepharoplasty?

Your candidacy for eyelid surgery will be best determined through a thorough consultation with your doctor in Columbia, MO. In most cases, however, you may be a great candidate for the procedure if:

  • You have puffy eyelids
  • You have large under-eye bags
  • You have excess skin on your upper eyelids
  • You’re 18 years old and above
  • You’re in great mental and physical health

It is, however, very crucial to point out that even individuals who appear to be great candidates for blepharoplasty could be restricted from undergoing the treatment because of certain ophthalmic or medical conditions that could raise the potential risks of the procedure. For instance, dry eye and glaucoma are ophthalmic conditions that could be exacerbated or complicated by blepharoplasty or other kinds of procedures on your eyelids.

Also, other conditions that might prohibit a person’s candidacy for the procedure include high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and cardiovascular disease. Likewise, the condition of the eye area’s bone and neighboring supportive structure could impact an individual’s eligibility for blepharoplasty.

Results of Blepharoplasty

For the majority of patients, blepharoplasty is all about looking more youthful and awake. For others, however, it’s a very viable solution to restore vision that’s become obscured due to excess and fatty upper eyelids. Whatever the case, the results of blepharoplasty are generally permanent.

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