About Our Practice

Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center, LLC is a full-service Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery practice in Columbia, Missouri serving both pediatric and adult patients. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service possible in the treatment of disorders of the ears, nose and throat. We strive to treat our patients as if they are members of our own family, and we recognize that the greatest compliment a patient can give is the referral of a family member or friend to our providers. 

As a growing, thriving practice, we are happy to accommodate new patients of all ages, and we accept most insurance plans. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Our History

Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center was started in June 2008 by Dr. William Kinney and Dr. Troy Scheidt. Both physicians bring extensive experience as faculty members in the Department of Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery at the University of Missouri. Drs. Kinney and Scheidt were joined by audiologist Michelle Scheidt-Hopkins to provide comprehensive evaluation and management of all aspects of ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Dr. Mahlon Van Delden joined Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center in September 2009, bringing 10 years of Otolaryngic Allergy experience. With the addition of Dr. Van Delden, Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center attained a fellowship-trained allergist who can manage both sinus and allergy problems.

In 2011 and 2012, Drs. Kinney and Scheidt were joined by audiologists Amanda Bracken, AuD, CCC-A and Sarah Smith, AuD, CCC-A to provide comprehensive evaluation and management for all aspects of ear disease, hearing and balance disorders and cochlear implantation.

Areas of Interest

While Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center provides extensive expertise in all aspects of ear, nose and throat care, we do have two areas of interest that further set us apart in our community. 

  • Cochlear implants: A Cochlear implant is a device used to restore the ability to communicate via spoken word to those individuals either born without hearing or who have acquired profound hearing loss due to disease. Cochlear implants are a wonderfully successful way to manage hearing loss.
    We work closely with area educators and therapists in Columbia and surrounding communities, coordinating care for children with hearing disorders.


  • Hearing Aids:  Our clinic provides a variety of hearing healthcare services to our community including hearing assessments and rehabilitation, education, and counseling. The audiologists at Missouri Ear, Nose, and Throat Center also fit and dispense sophisticated hearing aids and related devices to suit all types of hearing loss and life styles. In addition, we are able to provide rehabilitation with bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and we are Central Missouri’s ONLY cochlear implant program.

    Assessments regarding the level of amplification for our patients are generally completed following a comprehensive hearing evaluation by one of our master’s level audiologists. We also actively participate in the prevention of hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protective devices, consultation on the effects of noise on hearing, and consumer education.


  • Allergy Management: Allergy medical management is the mainstay of treatment for most patients suffering from seasonal and perennial allergies. However, sometimes medicine alone is not enough and surgery is required. We are proud to offer a higher level of sinus and allergy care through Dr. Van Delden’s fellowship experience.


  • Dizziness:  Our goal is to help identify, treat, and educate you about your dizziness and balance concerns. Dizziness and balance problems can be quite complex involving not only the inner ear but also other parts of our neurologic system. We recognize that some types of dizziness can cause life-altering symptoms.  Evaluation and management of your problem can be very straightforward or require complex testing and potential consultation with other specialists. We want to be your primary source for diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms. Complete evaluation may include any of the following:

    • Standard ear, nose and throat physical examination with additional neurologic examination as needed.

    • Hearing test if you are experiencing any ear symptoms

    • Imaging studies such as MRI scan if indicated

    • Formal balance testing

The Dizziness and Balance Center at Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat is pleased to offer new technology for balance testing. We now have available video head impulse testing (vHIT) which offers a much more detailed look at the inner ear balance system and how it interacts with the central nervous system. This new testing system allows for faster evaluation, usually within 10 to 15 minutes, and is much more comfortable for patients. The decision to proceed with vHIT will be determined by your physician based on your symptoms.

 As video head impulse technology is a recent development, insurance companies do not have a code for billing this procedure.  The cost of this test is $100.  Your doctor will work with you to determine if vHIT testing is recommended.  vHIT replaces our current balance testing commonly referred to as PENG testing.  This is a multi-step test that takes approximately two hours to complete and requires separate scheduling in an outpatient hospital setting as well as a follow up visit.  PENG testing is billed to your insurance company and can cost well over $500 (actual cost to you depends on your type of insurance).  PENG testing is somewhat limited in its ability to test the inner ear directly.  You will be asked to pay the $100 for vHIT testing at the time of service if you and your doctor wish to include this as part of your evaluation.

Our goal at Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Dizziness and Balance Center is help you understand why you feel the way that you do.  We hope to provide relief of symptoms or give you ways to manage the symptoms. We are here to help.


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