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We strive to provide you as much information as possible for you to make intelligent decisions about your healthcare needs. As consumers of medical services ourselves, we also know the value of concise, quick information. That is why we've included this page on our web site. Below are some consolidated descriptions about a few of our services.

Quick Fact – Hearing aids . Hearing and understanding loved ones and colleagues is a natural life pleasure that should not be dismissed when there is a problem. Hearing aids offer a potential solution for patients with increasing difficulties hearing. Not all hearing aids are the same and not all patient hearing losses are the same. The same goes for hearing aid dealers. Consumer Reports suggests that you should consider obtaining your hearing aid from an audiologist affiliated with an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. Such an affiliation gives you the peace of mind to know that a physician will evaluate your hearing loss and help to determine if, in fact, a hearing aid is right for you. A physician should evaluate anyone having a problem hearing or considering a hearing aid.

Quick Fact – Cochlear Implants . Cochlear Implants are one of the most amazing technology advances in healthcare today. While not the same as true normal hearing, patients who have not been able to use a telephone for 20 years have been able to call a family member on the phone within one week of turning on their cochlear implant! One in every 1000 children born today can have a hearing loss, some have a profound hearing loss and will never hear normally. A cochlear implant can give a child with no hearing the ability to go to kindergarten or first grade with the ability to speak to and hear their parents, teachers and classmates. Not everyone is a candidate for cochlear implant. A good hearing aid can still be better than a cochlear implant. If you have a hearing aid and struggle to hear then maybe a cochlear implant is an option.

Quick Fact – Allergies . Seasonal and perennial allergies are very common for the citizens of Central Missouri. Today it seems that everyone is suffering from some type of allergic process. Almost 40 million Americans suffer from allergies and allergies are estimated to cause over 1.5 million lost work or lost school days per year. Allergies can affect the respiratory system with sinus/asthma symptoms, the skin, or the intestinal tract. Respiratory allergies are by far the most common problem. Treatment ranges from simple over the counter medication to a formal desensitization process involving either allergy shots or sublingual allergy drops. Managing allergies can be difficult but we are here to help. Call today for an appointment to find out how we can assist you with your allergy problems.

Quick Fact – Just for kids . Ear, nose and throat problems in children are very common and they can cause discomfort or even frustration when the problem keeps recurring. Pediatric ear nose, and throat problems can range from straight forward problems with recurrent ear infections and tonsil infections to complex congenital/development problems. We at Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center are here to assist you in your child’s health care needs. Our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology in Pediatric Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. We have one of Central Missouri’s only Pediatric Audiologist to assist you with your child’s hearing needs. We care for all ages from newborns to adults. Call today for an appointment so that we may assist with your child’s healthcare needs.

Quick Fact – Voice Disorders . The ability to speak is as natural to the human as the ability to hear. Your quality of life suffers when you are not able to have normal speech. Some individuals make their living with their voice and cannot afford to not be able to speak. We at Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Center offer full service voice evaluation. Dr. Scheidt is Central Missouri’s only voice specialist and is available along with Drs. Kinney and Van Delden to evaluate and manage your voice concerns. Make an appointment today to see how we can help.

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