What’s Sinuplasty and When Would I Need It?

If you’re constantly dealing with sinus infections, it can affect your quality of life and make it difficult for you to be able to function each day. You might struggle to find relief from the pain caused by sinus infections, and you might even have issues just focusing throughout the day. When you’re looking for a way to relieve the constant sinus infections you may be dealing with, you may need to talk to your ENT doctor about sinuplasty to see if it’s a good option for you.

What To Know About Sinuplasty

Sinuplasty is also known as balloon sinuplasty and is a minimally invasive technique that can help treat chronic or recurring sinusitis. This form of treatment is often used when other conservative methods don’t give you the relief that you need. The results are permanent and can help you finally find relief from constant sinus infections and the pain that comes with them.

Sinuplasty is minimally invasive, and the procedure usually only needs numbing medication. Your ENT doctor will thread a wire with a small balloon attached to the end of it through your nostril and into the sinuses. When it reaches the final destination, it will be inflated. This helps to open up your sinuses and allow them to properly drain.

Often, you can expect to go home the same day. Recovery is fairly simple because there is no cutting needed during the procedure. Your ENT doctor might recommend this if you’re constantly dealing with chronic sinusitis and other treatments fail to give you the needed results. Sinuplasty can help you breathe easier and help improve your overall quality of life.

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